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Local Honey
 A collaborative album and documentary telling the story of the St. Augustine music scene past and present:
Snapshot of the blue collar musician.
Each local artist listed below has inspired me and helped me on my journey. Using the medium of film our goal was to spread the word and passion for our local original music.  Local Honey features 15 local players; Colton Mckenna, Scott Sweet, Bob Patterson, Joe Schaur, Shea Birney, Amy Hendrickson, Jim Johnston, Micah Gilliam, Lauren Gilliam, Chelsea Saddler, Sam Pacetti, Jon Bailey, Michael Jordon, Hunter Miller. We recorded October 6th-10th on location at the Rodman Plantation.
Rodman Plantation is a five bedroom ranch house. Hidden in 6,000 acres of Florida woods, it was once owned by my Great Grandparents Vella and Woody Tilton. My Grandma Judy grew up in this house. Needless to say is a very special place to my family and me. Check it out at
Our kickstarter campaign was launched in the beginning of August and ran until September 18th. We asked for $17,000 dollars to put this dream into motion. We absolutely wouldn't have been able to complete this film with out help from our incredibly supportive community.