Amy Hendrickson is a songwriter, filmmaker and multilayered artist. With a home base in St. Augustine Florida, a haunted seaside village that has imbedded itself in the framework of Hendrickson's music and imagery. Through out the course of multiple national tours and 6 albums you can hear the evolution of styles through out her discography. With roots in folk that stretch and border on the harder side to 1920's inspired entertainment.  In 2013 Hendrickson teamed up with film maker and director Eric Hood to create and film a documentary 'Local Honey.' A documentary that portrays an inside look into the lives of St. Augustine's working musicians. Currently working on her new full length album 'Fire in the Belly' Hendrickson is looking forward to an early 2017 release and subsequent tour.

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Fresh Tracks from Apples for Apollo and Local Honey

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